BlueSky is your Trusted Acquisition and Placement Partner

    BlueSky is your Trusted Acquisition and Placement Partner
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Latest NewsTips For Hiring And Cultivating 'A Players'

Steve Jobs famously said the key to his success at Apple was hiring extraordinarily talented people he called “A players.” These employees were not necessarily seasoned professionals, but they understood his vision and excelled at self-management..

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BlueSky Resource Solutions

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  • Talent Acquisition & Placement

    People are your greatest resource.
    We provide the best talent to support your business initiatives. With deep relationships across Telecom and Technology/IT, we supply world class talent for:

       - Permanent & Contracted resources
       - Scope of Work and Labor Rate billing
       - National and International placements
       - Engineering, Planning and Project Management
       - IT / IS / BI – Web, Apps, Programming, Scripting
       - Deployment, Integration and Testing

    Choose BlueSky and gain access to the best talent, when and where you need it!

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  • Workforce Solutions & Services

    Business solutions for simple to complex issues.
    BlueSky offers flexible, packaged solutions that can provide you with competitive advantages like speed to market, cost efficiency and a scalable workforce. Our solutions include:

       - Project and team scalable resources
       - Functional Outsourcing & Consulting
       - Network Architecture and Modeling
       - Business Intelligence solutions
       - Drive Testing & Decommissioning
    Your business issues require trusted partners that can augment your core competencies.
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  • Professional Development

    Our ability to attract and retain the top industry talent is our lifeblood.
    That’s why we use words like trust, character and integrity with those we serve. At BlueSky, you’re more than a candidate looking for a job; you’re a story, and personality that we graft into our community. Our support includes:

       - Career opportunity evaluation
       - Competitive pay and benefits
       - Customer advocacy and onboarding support
       - Training and continuing education
       - International support (H1B)
       - Professional services and support

    When you join the BlueSky team, you’re not just a placement, you’re a PARTNER!
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